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Fruit and Granola

NDIS Referrals

We are an NDIS registered provider and take pride in ensure we aim to empower people's choice and preferences, while ensuring out participants are being provided evidenced based advice and recommendations.  

Our services include:

- Enteral Feeding Regimes

- Feeding aversions and Feeding Therapy

- Neuro- affirming therapy and recommendations

- Menu development and implementations.


Gut Health

The gut it our major powerhouse when it comes to health.  Without the right nutritional balance in our diet, we aren't able to make the most out of our gut health and overall wellbeing.


  A strong diverse gut helps boost moods, improve immunity and improve our mental health.

The gut also sees intolerances and can be the cause of many undesirable symptoms and that is where we come in, we have studied the MONASH FODMAP course, we can help support you on your intolerance journey, utilising  FODMAP theory and a good plan and find out which foods are causing your intolerances.


Feeding Therapy Sessions

We take a Responsive Feeding Approach and  our sessions aim to build the knowledge and strategies for parents and build the skills for children to experience positive mealtimes for the whole family


Our therapy sessions are individual sessions either with child and parent or parents alone.

These commence with an initial assessment and goal setting to determine you and your families needs.

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Womens Health

Women go through many life changes and we often feel many unfavoured side-effects.  However this is not the case, if we understand what is happening in our bodies, we can take some control over the changes.  There is so much empowerment understanding the changes occurring.  And having the knowledge to make the nutritional adjustment to feel more like yourself.

We support women who are:

- Trying to increase their fitness

- Improve their health and wellbeing

- Diagnosed with PCOS

- Moving into Peri- Menopause

- Want to embrace healthy aging

- Experiencing unintentional weight gain and need some support.


Weight Concerns

There are so many reasons why we seek support for discussing our food and relating it back to our bodies, the way they feel, how we feel or what we want our body to do or look like.

WE are here to support you to feel the best version of yourself and to feel the way you want to.  And sometimes that includes weight loss, let us take that journey with you.  

We help you create your meal plan, discuss your goals and build strategies to reach your goals.



We are prenatal dietitians and have gone through extra training to ensure we provide the most up to date and accurate information for:

- Addressing morning sickness

-A complete and comprehensive nutritional assessment

- Understanding which nutritional supplementations to take

- Proving you and your baby the best nutrition for the healthiest pregnancy possible.




Coporate Services

Keeping our work places and community members healthy, is a real passion of ours.   We can customise Nutrition Workshops that suit your needs.

We make them fun and interactive and keep the conversation going long after we are gone. We will help to coordinate 'Staff Challenges,' or interactive activities that everyone can try.

We help develop workplace menu plans or health programs within your workplace.



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